FDO Image for Contact Us pageMarch 2018:  Vista Verde Middle School in Greenfield had their first Spring Garden Planting day of the year for the 6-8th grade students. ​​​​​​Our participation included providing transplants of broccoli, cauliflower, romaine, kale and cabbage. What started as a Garden Club last year has evolved into science, math, business applications and learning plans.

February 2018:  Donated transplants to Mary Chapa Elementary school in Greenfield for the launch of their new school garden event and an expansion garden. First-graders who were studying plants were also given the opportunity to plant a seedling in the garden.

October 2017:  1,000 plants, topsoil, vermiculture bins, worms and composting bins were donated to Vista Verde Middle School in Greenfield. The 6-8th grade Garden Club hosted their first all-day planting event which included moving topsoil into beds, cultivating soil and planting broccoli, kale, lettuce, cauliflower and red cabbage. These donations are helping build the Green Grizzlies Garden and Outdoor Learning Lab.